GOODWILL is the Monarch of This House...

The 172nd House of Alpha, Gamma Zeta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was chartered on March 21, 1945 in the city of Tampa, Florida.  The chartered brothers were C. Blythe Andrews, I, F. B. Martin, I. H. Burney, II, P. A. Ervin, Roland Yates, Eugene L. Avery, and S. A. Cousin.  These founding brothers were considered pillars of the Tampa Negro community and were highly recognized in their respective professions.  They belonged to various civic, service, and professional organizations and wanted to continue to uphold the aims of Alpha in their post collegiate years.

The early focus of the chapter was sponsoring various social events.  During the early years, there were very limited outlets for blacks to gather for elegant social events.  The Tampa Alphas have been credited for initiating formal balls in the area with the Black and Gold Ball.

The Gamma Zeta Lambda Chapter continues to upkeep the aims of Alpha Phi Alpha, uphold old traditions, and begin new trends.  The chapter is currently involved in various programs and projects.  Our Men of Tomorrow Program recognizes graduating high school seniors for their achievements through awards, book stipends and monetary scholarships.  Our Annual Alpha Open Scholarship Golf Tournament is aimed at promoting our Men of Tomorrow Program.  Over the past year, we have been able to work with over one hundred youth through the Go-to-High School/Go-to-College Program and Project Alpha during our “Teen Summit”.

Men, unacquainted, enter, shake hands, exchange greetings, and depart friends.  Cordiality exists among all who abide within.